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The Generation of Contradictions

why i love this project: 

For years, brands and marketers have been trying to figure out this upcoming generation that is holding the next purchasing power, Generation Z. However, just like their non-traditional upbringing, this unforeseen year has made this group even more confusing than before.

what does the generation of contradiction even mean?

here's a summary...

we know they are... but their contradiction...

They live in an unpredictable environment

They’ve grown up with filters

They preach self-confidence

They are anxious about the current political state

They value acceptance and inclusivity

but remain hopeful and crave stability

but demand authenticity

but their humor is self-deprecating

but empowered to be the change.

but thrive in cancel culture

Scroll down to read the full zine or click here.

The Zoomer Highlight

on brands: 

“Gen Z has necessarily developed a strong marketing sleaze detector, so creating and delivering authentic marketing content is required and there are no shortcuts. Make it real. Make it practical. Make it meaningful.”


- Adobe

on humor: 

“Far from being a cult, this proliferation of dark humor is indicative of a competitive culture in which the individual seeks to break away from the masses through fame and recognition.”


- Omid Faramarzi

on culture: 

“That cancel culture may simply be brushing aside those individuals who don’t fit into a collective vision of the future is troubling, and may actually be serving as a direct antithesis to the mission of social justice at the end of the day.”


-Quentin Thomas

they demand 


self-deprecating humor as a protection

the line between accountability and cancel culture seems to blurred

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