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Hi, my name is Amber and I'm a strategist.

My manager once called me "The Insight Machine" so I will be living off that glory for some time. 

I am an avid newsletter reader, a culture digester, and a lowkey Reddit snooper. I am both online and off, learning overarching culture shifts while on and forming connections/asking too many questions with folks while out. On top of that, I have a long LONG list of hobbies (sketching, graphic designing, skateboarding, rollerblading, pottery-making, thrifting, food-tasting, cooking, language learning, Korean-drama-ing, traveling, and much more…). All these ingredients have made me find innovative ways to tell stories, old and new, reimage brands to transform companies, and solve business problems with strategic thinking. 


I am constantly cluttered with information and often in existential crisis (joking!! Unless…) so please feel free to reach out and I am happy to share that load with you - contact me at - looking forward to learning from you.

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