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Indoor Recess

why i love this project: 

Gaming/Streaming platforms have gotten a lot of traction in recent years, especially twitch. Though I was unfamiliar with the platform and its users,  getting to conduct interviews and research help us understand a little more of their culture. Recognizing that the relationship between the audience and their favorite streamer goes beyond just admiration, it is a culture that feels like family.

you may want to ask "why would anyone watch other people play video games when they can just enjoy it themselves?" 

let's see what users have to say...

"Nothing special, people often overthink the concept ‘why would anyone watch others play games’ but really it is just like watching any other type of entertainment - fans don’t want to feel like an ‘outcast’ for watching games"

-twitch user

"The longer time spent on twitch makes fans feel better. Fans have a group of streamers they like for different situation"

-twitch user

"The feeling of competition and entertainment is important for fans, they also like when streamers feel genuine and authentic especially when it comes to promotion."

-twitch rivals watcher

"Being able to build a community where strangers can relate and create meaningful connections, online or offline. Feeling like a family"

-small streamer

after hearing all the testimonies from users & streamers themselves we decided the best way to get people excited about twitch rivals is...


Generate hype through tangible and interactive content that will create a ripple effect on the viewers, making them feel like they are competing alongside their idol.

Scroll down to read the full stream or click here.

Choose Your Champ

a campaign that emphasizes streamer value and raises the stakes by directly tying streamer success to fan participation.

got mail?

We strike the match by adding an element of mystery that will get the streamers talking with an invitation box, making them feel as the "chosen" ones. Streamers will also receive a custom emote that their audience could use during the competitions. We want them to feel excited and share the news with their viewers just like they would share a funny meme.

social buzz

Through our research, we found that our user audience primarily uses social platforms such as Discord, Instagram, and Twitter to share their excitement. Our undercover users will engage through those platforms to keep the momentum going after the invitations.

halftime blitz

An engaging bingo/chat game that involves the audiences' participation to help the streamers get the upper hand during half time.


 amber jared 

olyvia chac-nguyen

project management:

kate elliot


art direction:

gustavo ramirez

olivia chang



cat pena

tim flemke



tiffany nguyen

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