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tiktok 101

An introduction of the platform

why i love this project: 

Was once a platform only for lip-syncing and mediocre dance videos has now transcended into an app where million are spending countless hours on. It is now a place for endless possibilities and where brands want to be.

why is this app so addicting?

here's a summary...

Tiktok pulls you in fast

Personalized content

Short catchy music

Random Reinforcement

As soon as you open the app, a video will start playing, giving users a instant scratch at their boredom.

The more you scroll, the more customized your feed will feel.

Many artists found their start on Tiktok. Songs that are catchy or easy to dance to are likely to perform very well.

Like a slot machine, every time we see a post we like, we get a dopamine hit. Users will continue to scroll until that feeling reoccurs. 

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Tiktok on its best days...

meme's birthplace: 

Many new memes are now from Tiktok - the kombucha girl for example was the meme of 2019, users now need Tiktok to stay in the loop.

creative space: 

Users are able to get on Tiktok to express their creativity through different avenues and find those who will appreciate them.

an escape: 

At the end of the day, Tiktok is used to get a quick laugh or a distraction. It is a place for kids to be who they are and giving them a voice.

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