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MAIP 2020 X Digitas

why i love this project: 

Breaking down the stigma against community college and change

the stereotypical image of the students that attends. A good

education should not be defined by its lack of affordability.

are you sleeping on community college too?

let's hear what the people are saying...


"I hate seeing people be ashamed to be going to community college. College is college. I'm proud of everyone who is trying their best."

- @lexi4prez 


"Y'all shaming people for going to a community college instead of a university?? In this economy?????"



"Community college gave me three associates degrees with no debt. Community college prepared me ten times better for higher academia than high school.

Community college is the f***ing move. "

- @inventmatt


Universities are transitioning to remote learning for fall 2020. Freshman...please go to a community college to knock out your gen ed classes. I'm telling you, you're going to save thousands of dollars.

- @lexluthor_


our goal is to showcase...

Community college doesn't limit your opportunity.

Scroll down to read the full paper or click here.

Disrupt the norm

social normalization

Having young micro-influencers as representations for up-and-community college students. Using social media platforms like Tiktok or Instagram to normalize the attendance of community colleges and showcase the benefit.

test drive with community game

Our game highlights the different aspects of attending a community college such as: Meal Prep Housing General Information and Visitation To-Do List

HR Tookit

Community colleges are hotspots for diversity. Intended to promote the academic and professional success of underserved talent, community colleges have a pool of students who are hungry for growth and equipped with real-life experiences. Disruptive ad work calls for unorthodox talent.

Click here for the HR toolkit.

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