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Bumble Bento

Student work: Brand Mockup

strategy: amber jared   art direction: cam schwarz

why i love this project: 

Humans are social creatures and hopeless romantics, even in a pandemic, they are searching for true love. And what better way

to find love than through the belly? Instead of candlelight dinner,

we decided to partner with local restaurants to support them during these tough times. 

how do we help people find love during a pandemic? (what a 2020 question...)

well let's look at some truth...

Small businesses struggle to keep up float


Many local establishments are closing due to decreased sales

People are feeling lonely from being stuck at home for so long

Many are searching for companionship 

so here is the equation...

Local resaurants + Bumble + picnics = Bumble Bento

Bumble will provide couples with food from local restaurants to make “socially-distanced dating” easier, safer, and more fun. Introducing: Bumble Bento

the idea!

focus on the feels

Bumble is made for connections, focus on the feels and we will take care the rest.

hold hands.png
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