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Student Work | October 2019


This campaign focused on the issue of waterborne illness in the United States that mostly goes unnoticed. 

Target Audience: 

Our target audience is college students that are leaving their family and support systems to seek a life on their own. We want to emphasize how common waterborne illness can be overlooked especially within this age group. 


Studies have shown that 19 million people in the US are exposed to contaminated water that could carry diseases such as, Travelers Diarrhea, Salmonella, E-coli, etc. These diseases often go unnoticed because of their more common way of spread like undercooked food or raw eggs. College students are the least likely to associate these diseases with water because of the lack of knowledge about waterborne illnesses. 


Waterborne illness often goes unnoticed and shrugged off especially by young people. 


The idea 'Filter Your Life' is to brand Brita as a safe and essential item that should be in every household. 

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