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2050 Smoothie

Student work:Brand mock up

strategy: amber jared    art direction: arianna ortiz    copywriter: greg catalano

why i love this project: 

Working on a entirely new product allow us to have complete

creative freedom, yet this freedom can also become our greatest

held back. At the end of the day, we just have to

think simple, think sustainable, 

you might have heard of "reduce, reuse, recycle"

but have you heard of "reuse, reduce, rejoice"? 

here's a summary...

The 2050 Smoothie aims to improve the way we treat the planet with one smoothie at a time.  Taking cosmetically imperfect fruits and making them into a powder so people can get the same great taste in an easy-to-prepare smoothie while also helping save the Earth.

In the midst of a climate crisis, people want to help but many don't know where to start. Showcasing a easy solution with the 2050 Smoothie that is sustainable and enjoyable, keeping the earth healthy for future generations. 


the 2050 smoothies

some prints :)

Portfolio Assignment 2_Green-reduce.jpg
Portfolio Assignment 2_Green-reuse.jpg
Portfolio Assignment 2_Green-rejoice.jpg
Portfolio Assignment 2_Green-4th panel.j
Portfolio Assignment 2_Pink-Reduce.jpg
Portfolio Assignment 2_Pink-rejoice.jpg
Portfolio Assignment 2_Pink-reuse.jpg
Portfolio Assignment 2_Pink-4th

some out of homes :)

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